I'm Heather.

I love cool autumn Saturdays at home, baking cakes, chocolate, berries, bookshelves full of books, potatoes, my green mixer, salmon, pancakes, my camera, cats, soft blankets, smoothies, pretty headbands, coffee, sundresses and foot-rubs.  I don't like beets, lima beans or excessive amounts of parsley as a garnish.

This blog, and the memories and stories I share with each recipe and photo are an expression of my passion in the kitchen.  Whether it's a beautifully decorated cake or a simple salad of oranges and avocados, this is my art.  I am the writer, recipe creator, cook, baker and photographer.

I dream of someday having a house with a huge rustic farmhouse table with family dinners, tea parties with little curly-haired girls who look like me, homework and great conversations.

To me, the kitchen is the heart and soul of a home.  It's the place where everyone gathers, where people feel warm and comfortable and full, where the lovely aromas of apple crumbles, freshly baked breads, flaky pie crusts, warm pots of soup, cinnamon and sugar and steaming coffee permeate the rest of the house, drawing everyone back to the kitchen.

The kitchen is where I feel inspired to create beauty through food.

And cake.  There's always cake.

This is Jamie.

He's my best friend.  My soul mate.  My one and only.

He loves caramel, his car, chocolate, doughnuts, steak, sushi, wine tasting, pickled vegetables, Sturgis, head-rubs, tuna tartare, Top Gear, pie, huevos rancheros, and ME...  not necessarily in that order.

When we met, we lived over 70 miles apart and were only able to see each other on weekends for the first year of our relationship.  We spent a year of Friday and Saturday evenings planning and cooking dinners together, and those experiences are ultimately what led me to decide to create this blog.

He's my love and biggest supporter, who waits patiently, never complaining as our food gets cold while I try to get the perfect shot, tastes everything I make and eats it whether it's a success or not, bought me my first "real" camera, and always gives me his honest opinion and helps me look at the positive side of things.

Being with him makes me a better person, and there's no one else I'd rather spend my life with.  We were married in the fall of 2014, and you can read all about our wedding through my Curly Girl Wedding series.