Sunday, May 31, 2020

Small-Batch Brown Butter Strawberry Cardamom Crumb Bars with Orange Icing

Strawberry Crumb Bars, Brown Butter Crumble, Small Batch Cookie Bars, Strawberry Bars with Orange Icing, Strawberry RecipesOne of many things I've missed these last few months is doing my own grocery shopping (with two little boys, I've only been able to occasionally go alone on weekends, or more often just use the grocery pickup option during the week, while we all wait in the car).  I really don't like having other people choose my groceries, especially produce, since I like to look it over carefully and pick the best fruit and vegetables.

My boys don't care about the shopping part, but they miss riding in the car cart and getting a free cookie to eat while I shop. And my oldest son really seems to miss being around other people and wants so badly to make friends - he kept trying to say hi to some workers who were replacing our neighbor's roof, and when we happened to be outside when our trash was picked up, he called out to them, "hey guys, you want a popsicle?"

Besides choosing my own produce, another advantage to shopping in the store is getting to see all the seasonal fruit that's available, especially now that we're heading into stone fruit season.  I buy blueberries and strawberries all year 'round, but there's no denying that they're best this time of year.  And while it's still strawberry season, I had to make another new recipe to celebrate this beautiful fruit.