Thursday, February 20, 2020

Vanilla Bean Butter Cake

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In working through this year's goal of updating and adding to my index of classic cake recipes, I revisited the most popular and beloved recipe on my blog, Vanilla Cake.  There is just something about a simple vanilla cake that everyone loves.  It's quick and easy to mix up, always tender and moist with both oil and buttermilk in the batter, and it can be customized with any flavor of buttercream or filling that you like.  Personally, my favorite cake on my site is my snowy White Velvet Cake, which takes a bit more time to mix up, though, and requires a stand mixer to beat the butter and sugar for 10-12 minutes.  But if you're looking for an easy, great-tasting vanilla cake that you can whisk up by hand, this is the cake for you.