Monday, November 25, 2019

Maple Tart

Maple Tart, Maple Pie, Thanksgiving Desserts, Christmas Desserts, Pie Decorating, Thanksgiving Pie, Powdered Sugar StencilIn September, my husband and I took a little trip to New England for our 5th wedding anniversary.  Neither of us had ever been that far northeast, and we were hoping to catch the leaves turning at just the right time, drive along the coast enjoying the views and the salty air, eat lots of fresh seafood and catching up on sleep.  And we were able to do everything except for much leaf-peeping; with the late hot summer weather, we ended up timing our trip a few weeks too early to see much of the leaves' changing colors, but even so, it was really beautiful there.  I especially loved driving around the gorgeous wooded neighborhoods with charming homes surrounded by old, towering trees.

We picked apples in New Hampshire, ate lobster rolls in Maine and, of course, tasted pure maple syrup at a sugar shack in Vermont.  We brought home a big bottle of our favorite syrup, and it's been absolutely delicious on pancakes and waffles.  Our boys already have a taste for the good stuff, since we never use anything but pure maple syrup in our house.

With it being almost Thanksgiving, I've been baking one pie each week this month, trying to spread out the sweets a bit so that we get all of our favorites throughout the holiday season, but don't feel overwhelmed with too much pie all at once.  Last week's pie was this delicious Maple Tart, made with some of our Vermont maple syrup.