Sunday, November 3, 2019

Haunted House Cake

Haunted House Cake, Halloween Cake, Black and White Cake, Cake Decorating, Cake, Halloween DessertsWhen you love to bake and decorate cakes as much as I do, it's really difficult to narrow down a dozen or more ideas into just one design for a holiday.  I wish I could see all my ideas come to life, but with budget and time constraints, I'm left choosing just one, so for this year's Halloween cake, I decided to make an updated haunted house cake.

You might remember that I did a haunted house cake five years ago.  I decorated that cake with swirls of buttercream and a fondant silhouette of a haunted house pressed against the side of the cake.  A few black birds and black paper roses finished the design. That one was so cute, and I still love it, but I wanted to make a design that was a little more polished looking.

I still had a pack of edible white sugar sheets from another project, and decided to use those for my haunted house, and it really couldn't have been easier to do.  All you need is a sugar sheet and a black food coloring pen or marker.  Either draw the image onto your sugar sheet free-hand, or place a printed image underneath to trace it, then carefully cut out the image with sharp scissors.  Once you've drawn and cut your haunted house, put it in a plastic ziplock bag to keep it from getting too dry, and keep it in the bag until you're ready to place it on your cake.  You can make the sugar sheet haunted house several days in advance.

Haunted House Cake, Halloween Cake, Black and White Cake, Cake Decorating, Cake, Halloween Desserts

For my cake, I wanted it to be really tall to best showcase a towering, spooky haunted house.  I used this recipe for chocolate cake, baking it into three six-inch cake pans, and then splitting each cake for a total of six layers.  The cake is moist and tender, but sturdy enough to be stacked tall.  The buttercream is my perfect buttercream recipe (x4), with a little vanilla and almond extracts for flavor, and half butter / half shortening for a bright white color.

If you need to transport the cake, I'd definitely suggest adding a supportive cardboard circle halfway up, with some wooden dowels for support.  But I was just making the cake to serve at home, and didn't put any supports in mine.  My finished cake measured about 7 1/2 inches tall (which is very tall for a 6-inch diameter).

I had chilled my cake overnight, so the buttercream was crusted over when I was ready to decorate with my haunted house, and sugar sheets won't stick to buttercream that's crusted over.  The simple solution to this is to save a bit of your buttercream, use a pastry brush, and lightly brush it onto the back of your sugar sheet decoration.  Then you can gently press it onto the side of your cake and it will stick perfectly.

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Halloween!

Haunted House Cake, Halloween Cake, Black and White Cake, Cake Decorating, Cake, Halloween Desserts

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