Monday, July 30, 2018

Strawberry Birthday Cake

Strawberry Cake, Rosette Cake, Pink Birthday Party Cake, Rainbow CandlesBirthdays aren't just for kids, and should always be celebrated as something special.  And, of course, there should always be cake.  I've experimented with many variations of strawberry cakes over the years, from using fresh strawberries, to making a strawberry reduction, and now, with freeze-dried strawberries, which I absolutely love.

I've never cared for how fresh strawberries turn out when baked into batters - they not only contribute too much moisture, but they lose their color and look sort of unappealing after baking.  Making a reduction or puree with the berries to stir into the batter works a bit better, but the result still wasn't quite what I wanted, and the color of the cake ended up looking more brown than pink.

What I love about the freeze-dried strawberries, though, is their beautiful bright color and intense strawberry flavor, which makes them really perfect for flavoring a cake.