Monday, July 2, 2018

Red, White and Blue Sprinkles Cake

4th of July Cake, Red White and Blue Cake, Sprinkles Cake, Paper Straws, Paper Candles, Cake, 4th of July Desserts, 4th of July BakingAbout five or six years ago when I started baking more and more cakes, I took a basic cake decorating class at a local bakery in Denver.  The advantage to taking a cake decorating class at an actual bakery instead of attending the classes offered at Michaels craft stores, is that the bakery provided all of the tools, cake and frosting, and all I had to do was to show up there after work in the evenings, without having to buy any decorating kits or take the time to bake and bring in my own cake to decorate.  Although it was more expensive than the Michaels classes, I think the cost ends up about the same in the end, since the more expensive class was all-inclusive, and completely worth it if you're not sure you want or need all those tools until after you take the class, not to mention, having to prepare your own cake in the middle of a busy week.  These days, of course, pretty much anything you want to learn, you can do so by watching free video tutorials on YouTube, although I really enjoyed the classroom environment, seeing how others were decorating their cakes, and being able to ask questions of the teacher.