Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Tiered Cake with Silhouette Dog Toppers

Cake, Wedding Cake, Dog Cake, Dog Cake Topper, Dog Silhouette, Naked CakeBefore leaving my paying job to be home full-time with my son, I was working for a company that makes toys and things for dogs and cats.  We've stayed in touch over the past year, and last week, they asked me to make a cake for a big company party of theirs...

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Hey, Girl

Red Velvet Cake, Hey Girl, New Year's Day, Hey Girl Cake TopperExcept for the outside lights on the house and the wreath on the door, Christmas is put away, the needles from the tree and ornament glitter all vacuumed up, and everything is back to routine.  After having my husband home during the week over the holiday, it's been hard to have him go back to work, and Phoenix has missed him, too, but baby boy and I are finding our own routine again, as well as both recovering from a little cold.

Our New Year's Eve was quiet; we spent the evening with some friends, then came home early to put Phoenix to bed, then watch movies in our pajamas, eat popcorn and wait for midnight.  And there was red velvet cake to welcome in the New Year as well...