Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Strawberry Plum Lattice Pie

Not everything works out the way I hope it does, and to break that illusion of perfection that food blogs seem to perpetuate, once in a while, I share my failures, too.  The other day, I made what I thought would be a decadent and impressive banana cream pie doughnut cake, and just as I finished stacking the third layer of doughnuts, sliced bananas, custard, toffee and buttercream, the cake slid into a sad avalanche of doughnuts and cream that was far too embarrassing to let anyone see.  I scooped the entire mess into a bowl, which has sat in our refrigerator for four days, barely touched, since every bite tastes like failure and shame.

This pie, too, was equally disappointing.  I loved the pretty lattice crust, and it photographed so beautifully before baking, but for some reason, the filling simply refused to thicken.  Maybe the strawberries and plums were extra juicy, but no amount of leaving the pie in the oven was going to thicken it, and the puddle of juice pooling around the fruit soaked into the crust making it soggy and limp.  So, so sad.

But at any rate, the crust was too pretty not to share, and had the filling worked out, it would have been a lovely pie.