Saturday, June 4, 2016

Doughnuts for Sundays, Birthdays and Everydays

I realize I'm a day late for Friday's National Doughnut Day, but when it comes to doughnuts, better late than never, am I right?

Last Sunday was my husband's birthday, so I made this assortment of doughnuts for his birthday breakfast.  As it happens, I always have a stash of leftover buttercreams and glazes which made it relatively easy to assemble so many different kinds of doughnuts in one morning, but this more of a special occasion sort of ensemble, and not for every day.

There were German chocolate doughnuts with a sprinkling of toffee, lemon cream-filled with powdered sugar, buttercream and sprinkles, plain glaze, dark chocolate glaze with vanilla cream filling, jam-filled with powdered sugar, chocolate chips, and what turned out to be my favorites for their delicious simplicity, doughnuts rolled in cinnamon and sugar.

You can find the doughnut recipe here, but as far as the flavor variations, I leave those up to your imagination!