Saturday, April 30, 2016

Coming September

Today's cake is as close to my heart as a cake could get, because it's the gender reveal cake I designed for my own baby to come this September.  And as you can see, my husband and I are having a boy!

Now that we know the sex, I've commissioned my husband to paint the nursery so I can start decorating.  I love to decorate our home.

For the cake, I kept the design monochromatic with all black and white except for the blue-tinted buttercream inside.  Three tiers of chocolate cake are filled with the blue buttercream, and then frosted with a simple crumb coat of vanilla buttercream.

I rolled out white fondant very thin, and cut it into a variety of baby clothes.  After they dried and hardened a bit, I outlined the pieces with a black edible food-coloring marker, then strung them back and forth across the cake tiers, like clothes swinging in the breeze on clothesline.

With the cold, snowy spring we're experiencing - and yet another snowed-in weekend that has us eating waffles for breakfast today and snuggling under a blanket watching the Cooking channel - I'm so looking forward to the warm summer, and then, of course, fall, when our baby will make us a little family of three.