Sunday, March 13, 2016

Painted Buttercream Cake

Last night, my girlfriends came over to my house for a cake decorating party.  There were 8 of us, and I baked 6-inch cake layers in four flavors, with endless bowls of buttercream, so that everyone could decorate their own cake.  It was a lot of prep work (and clean up), but so much fun to see everyone's creations, and just to spend some time together.

With a few girls not able to make it, I had a couple cakes leftover, so this morning I stacked and frosted the cakes so I could try something I've never done before - painting on buttercream with food coloring.

A drop of gel food coloring goes a long way for this project, but it's important to start with a well-chilled cake, as the buttercream needs to be firm to paint on.  For the lighter shading, I thinned the color with vodka, and lightly dabbed the color onto the cake with a small paintbrush.  And for the detailed work, I just dipped the brush straight into the color for bolder strokes.

I used Americolor brand of gel food coloring, in "Sky Blue", and I kind of love the watercolor effect of these flowers.  I kind of want to paint on all my cakes now...