Saturday, April 30, 2016

Coming September

Today's cake is as close to my heart as a cake could get, because it's the gender reveal cake I designed for my own baby to come this September.  And as you can see, my husband and I are having a boy!

Now that we know the sex, I've commissioned my husband to paint the nursery so I can start decorating.  I love to decorate our home.

For the cake, I kept the design monochromatic with all black and white except for the blue-tinted buttercream inside.  Three tiers of chocolate cake are filled with the blue buttercream, and then frosted with a simple crumb coat of vanilla buttercream.

I rolled out white fondant very thin, and cut it into a variety of baby clothes.  After they dried and hardened a bit, I outlined the pieces with a black edible food-coloring marker, then strung them back and forth across the cake tiers, like clothes swinging in the breeze on clothesline.

With the cold, snowy spring we're experiencing - and yet another snowed-in weekend that has us eating waffles for breakfast today and snuggling under a blanket watching the Cooking channel - I'm so looking forward to the warm summer, and then, of course, fall, when our baby will make us a little family of three.


  1. Heather I am very happy for you both:) Both my girls have boys:)
    One had 3 ..all in a row:) One had one and she did a beauty of a tree on the wall:) you would love's been yrs though..they grow so fast!!
    Lovely cake..and I know bébé's room will be fabulous.

  2. I love food markers! I used them on the X-Files alien cookies I made a couple months ago. I love the crisp lines! I haven't tried them on fondant yet, but this makes me want to. :)

    P.S. Congrats on your soon-to-be new arrival!

  3. Awe Heather! Congratulations on your little baby boy. This is such an adorable cake to announce him to the world with. I adore its simplicity and that little clothesline is making me want to get my fondant and edible markers out.

  4. Congrats!!! Enjoy your pregnancy and preparing for your sweet baby boy!

  5. Such happy news and what a beautiful cake! Congratulations!


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