Thursday, August 27, 2015

Cherry Almond Crumble Pie

The first dessert recipe I ever posted on this blog was for a cherry pie.  And since I never posted an accompanying photo, I thought it was about time I made up for that.  So here it is, four years later, my cherry almond crumble pie.

In July, my brother and his girlfriend came to visit, and together we drove south to Colorado wine country.  We stayed in a cute little guest house at one of the wineries, which had a kitchen where we could cook dinner after days of wine tasting and exploring.  Of course, before we left home, I baked tempting treats to take along on our trip, one of which was this pie.

Over the years, I've broken several cherry pitters and stained my hands red for days while pitting cherries for pie, so I wouldn't blame you at all if you used frozen pitted cherries, even though fresh cherries are pretty wonderful.

I love crumble topping on pie, and it's especially perfect on juicy fruit fillings; each bite bursts with bright summer flavors and rich buttery crumble.  Almonds pair beautifully with cherries, although if you don't like them, you could easily leave them out of the recipe.

I hope you enjoy the pie - click here for the recipe in my original post.