Sunday, May 17, 2015

May Day Maypole Cake

Although May is already half gone, this pretty cake is just as appropriate for spring and summer as it was for the first day of May.

I made it for a friend's baby shower several weeks ago, and although you can't see the inside of the cake, the sweet pink and white striped buttercream conceals a dark chocolate cake, her favorite.  Throughout her pregnancy, she has asked me for chocolate cake more times than I can count, so I was happy to surprise her with chocolate cake for her baby shower.  And a pregnant woman should not be denied chocolate cake, after all.

The cake topper is simple but stunning, a maypole made from a polkadot paper straw and tissue paper.  It's easy to make - just cut thin strips of tissue paper, gather them together and roll the ends up so that you can insert them into the straw.

You could use satin ribbon, too, but I loved the iridescence of the tissue paper with the sunlight streaming through, like the faint hint of a rainbow after a spring rain.