Saturday, October 31, 2015

A Cupcake and Daryl Dixon for Halloween

I am a cupcake today.  :)

It was an easy costume to put together - except for the tutu, I already had everything in my closet.  Brown boots and tights, and a chocolate brown tutu I bought on Amazon.  The white top is from ModCloth, and I cut little strips of colored tape to stick on it for sprinkles.  Top it off with a flower headband.

Simple, fun and so cute!

Then there's my husband, aka Daryl Dixon.  Both sexy as can be...

He invested a little more into his costume than I did, and asked me to sew the angel wings onto the black leather vest he found, but he sure pulled off the look, freshly caught squirrel and all.  He thought I should dress as Carol, but I really had my heart set on my cupcake idea.  And luckily, Daryl Dixon seems to like cupcakes for dessert.


  1. Such great pics!
    I love your tutu..oh to be your age again..:)
    I do wear boots though..all kinds..
    The squirrel:)

    Kudos to both of you Heather!

  2. I love these photos, the hunter of the fall


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