Monday, July 13, 2015

Sparkling Coconut Lemon Cupcakes

I don't know where summer is disappearing to.  It's been so busy that somehow, I haven't posted on here in two weeks, which must be the longest I've gone without writing a post since I started writing this blog four years ago.  I've missed the writing, but at the same time, I feel I have little to say lately.  After the long days at work, my energy is sapped and I hardly have time to edit a few photos, let alone write about them.

I've been baking, though.  Working too much at my day job, baking by night and on weekends, when I can squeeze it in between all the house renovations, and arranging photo shoots in the midst of the mess.  A beautiful mess.

The house looks so different from when we moved in at Christmas, and eventually I'll share some photos on here of the before and after.  It's truly become our home.

One evening, I impulsively baked mini cupcakes to take to work the next day.  Each cupcake just a mouthful of light and fluffy coconut cake, I topped them with swirls of tart lemon buttercream dipped in sparkling yellow sugar.  They tasted like little pillows of sunshine.

To make these cupcakes, try the recipes for this coconut cake and this lemon buttercream.

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