Thursday, July 30, 2015

Cakes, etc.

A few weeks before my shoulder surgery, I made a few cakes.  They were my last cake orders of the summer, and now it will be September before I can bake and decorate another cake.  One week down, five weeks to go.  It's a long time away, and I'm feeling quite impatient.  What's strange is that, summer only just arrived, and by the time I'm out of my sling, we'll be drifting towards fall once again.

One cake was a beautifully simple chocolate espresso cake with cappuccino buttercream, very similar to one of the cakes I made for our wedding last fall.  This one was for a couple's 25th wedding anniversary, celebrated at home with their four children.

For a twist, I filled the dark chocolate cake layers with creamy vanilla bean custard and topped the cake off with simple decorations of ganache truffles coated in salted pecans.  I wish I could have tasted it.

And the other, a teeny tiny blueberry cake, also filled with the same vanilla bean custard, frosted with salted vanilla buttercream and dusted with pecans.  Minimalistic, but lovely, and the taste - I was told - was phenomenal.  This one, I really would have loved to try a bite or two.  I adore blueberries, and eat them with thick Greek yogurt and a sprinkling of cinnamon for dessert almost every night.  I can only imagine how moist the blueberry-studded cake layers were, soaked in all that custard.

My husband has been asking me what I will make when I am once again allowed back in the kitchen with full use of my right arm, and I just can't decide.  I have long meant to test and develop a perfect white cake from scratch recipe for my blog.  And not that white cake is boring, because I don't think that at all, but the thought of buttery pecan praline cake with salted buttercream and caramel drip is so tempting.  Or a cookies and cream cake - a childhood favorite, and what my brother always requested on his birthday.  Or something pretty and pink with chocolate and raspberries.

But then there are all the jams I haven't made, lemon marmalade, for example, and the hazelnut espresso ice cream I've been wanting to churn.  I've been meaning to make a rhubarb clafoutis from the rhubarb plant growing wildly in our backyard, and a blueberry tart with orange custard on a buttery shortbread crust.  Or perhaps dainty mini lemon cakes with pink buttercream and ganache polkadots.

It will be a week of sweet treats, for sure, when I am allowed back into my kitchen.  I plan on flinging about flour and sugar with abandon.  But until then, let's just dream of cake.


  1. Hope you are healing well:)
    I recently came upon a large vintage scale..I wanted tiny..but when it was picked up it was large..still love it..

    The cake is beautiful.
    Take care.

    1. The pain is manageable - the hard part is the limited mobility. But under the circumstances, I'm doing pretty well! I'd love to see your scale. I wanted one forever and just found this one last month at a great antique market in Denver.

  2. That is a yummy 2 cakes for every celebration party, I love them so much

  3. Heather, both of these cakes look incredible. And I really love that vintage scale!!

    1. You'd love the antique market where I found it!


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