Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Banana Split Birthday Cake with Dancing Ballerinas

Not everything works out the way we hope it will.  Today's case in point - this cake.

For months, I had been planning to make this "banana split cake" for my 37th birthday.  With layers of banana cake filled with jam, frosted with caramel cream cheese buttercream and covered in dark chocolate ganache, I was certain it would be amazing.

It's fun and adorable and certainly looks tasty, but honestly, I was really disappointed with how it turned out.  I am my own worst critic, I know, but the banana cake was too dense - even for me, and I love dense cake - the jam filling turned runny, which ruined the cream cheese buttercream by making it too soft so that it didn't hold its shape with the nice straight frosted sides I started out with.

Someday soon, I will remake it.  The cake recipe needs a little tweaking before I share it, but when I do, I'm sure the wait will be worth it.

As it turns out, this failed cake is my last cake of the summer, sadly.  Last fall, I tore the anterior labrum in my right shoulder, and the pain has worsened over time, to the point that I need surgery.  So, tomorrow morning, I go in for surgery, and I'll be wearing a sling for 6 weeks with very limited mobility in my right arm.  That means no baking, no cake decorating, no photography, no working on the house...  Basically none of the projects that I so love to do.

The idea of being so incapacitated is getting depressing, because I hate the feeling of helplessness.  I won't be able to fix my own hair, or hook my bra without help, or tie my shoes...  Depending on my husband to help me with all of these things will take patience on both our parts.

I should be able to type, though, hopefully without too much difficulty, so I'll take the opportunity to catch up on some blog posts.  I have been baking and setting up photo shoots every weekend, but have fallen behind on writing up blog posts.  And I so want you to see all my new recipes.  I may even put up a "curly girl home" series to show you some of the things we've changed in our house since moving in December.  There have been so many projects and I'm so proud of all our hard work.

A few nights ago, I met my girlfriends for dinner, and they gave me my first birthday present.  Inside a glass bottle was a handful of glitter and a piece of paper - absolutely impossible to pull out without destroying the paper.  My husband was hoping to smash the bottle, but I persevered and managed to pull out the paper, wrinkled and torn as you see.  And it was a gift certificate to my favorite clothing store, ModCloth.  I bought this pretty summer dress, and I'm so excited for it to arrive.

I may be 37, but birthdays are special occasions, so I topped my cake off with cute little ballerinas from Shop Sweet Lulu.  Because, after all, you're never to old for dancing ballerinas on your birthday cake.

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  1. Well the cake IS beautiful..and yes every girl should have dancing ballerinas..I had admired them when you showed us and I have a little wish list.
    Happy 37th birthday..You are so accomplished..bravo.
    I hope you are able to share your home projects.
    In the interim..heal well..thank goodness it is fixable:)
    I know with your determination you will be a stellar patient.
    Bon Courage and take care.:)

    1. thank you for your sweet comment! It hasn't been a fun few days but I'm feeling better now that I'm off pain pills.


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