Friday, June 12, 2015

Our First Date Cake

Six years ago, on a stormy Thursday evening, a first date changed the course of the rest of my life.

Our lives.

And even though we're married now, with a wedding anniversary to celebrate, I still love to remember that moment we first saw each other.

He took me to dinner after work, for oysters and wine, then some of the best scallops I've eaten.  Back at home, there was cake.

I filled layers of fudgey chocolate cake with a rich whipped ganache folded with crumbled brownies and leftover orange poppyseed pistachio cake truffles for texture, and pink vanilla buttercream.

Simple and pretty on a jade green cake stand, the pink peonies were my favorite touch on this cake.  I'm not sharing the recipe, because I don't even know what all is in the cake, to be honest, and not everything is meant to be shared.  Like our relationship, some things are to be kept just between two people.


  1. I just picked peonies..vased them and took pics..they are so beautiful..Like your cake and all your sweet props.
    A girl after my own heart;)

    1. You have peonies in your yard? I need to plant more things in ours, and now I'm thinking peonies! They're just so pretty.


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