Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Some of everything...

We are officially moved into our house, and after all the packing, box lifting and stair climbing to move our things out of our third-floor condo, the garage, and the storage unit into our house, I'm more physically exhausted than I remember being in a very long time.  And there are so many projects to do at the house, I feel it will be a while before we have a truly restful weekend there.

It's exciting to fill the house with our things, to finally relegate the brown bachelor sofa to the basement and to imagine the possibilities of making the space work perfectly for our needs.  I have turned the front living room into my own personal studio, which thrills me.  I have my sewing machine, photography equipment and art supplies all set up and ready to use at a moment's notice, with no need to stash them away in a closet after I'm finished with a project.

We have a pantry now, the bottom one-third of which is filled with my baking and cake decorating supplies.

My beautiful black iron bed is dusted off from its years in storage and sitting prettily in our guest room, ready for our first guests.

And we have an actual master bedroom now, with two closets.  I feel like such a grown-up all of a sudden.

We're talking of painting over Christmas break, as I have realized that, in fact, no, I cannot live with walls painted in a color called "brown teepee".  I'm thinking of a pale grey paint throughout the house, with white stripes here and there.

And just maybe this weekend, we'll get a real Christmas tree.

Instagram Photos:
1.  Pumpkin doughnuts with pistachios.
2.  Contemplating all the change.
3.  New t-shirt from Dress Corilynn.
4.  Taking a break while moving to check out my new bathtub.
5.  My man all dressed up for the office work party.
6.  Stripe inspiration.
7.  Lazy days over Thanksgiving weekend.
8.  First cup of coffee in the new house.
9.  First cake baked and decorated in the new house.
10. Favorite bow belt.
11. Waiting.
12. Sunlight in a coffee shop.