Sunday, October 12, 2014

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

For the second weekend in a row, I made another first birthday cake for a good friend's baby boy.  Katie is so imaginative, and quite the party planner with such cute themes and color schemes, and she pulled off such an adorable party with this Twinkle Twinkle Little Star theme.  I just love the orange and green/blue color palette she chose!

With Owen's party invitation in hand, I started sketching my idea for the cake and collecting pretty craft paper, ribbon and paper straws to use.  Katie is a professional photographer and was planning to set up an official cake smash photo shoot with Owen after the party, so I kept the top tier of his cake separate so that she could easily remove that and put it away for the photo shoot later.

I frosted the cake all in buttercream and decorated the bottom tier with fondant letters and stars.  The top tier is decorated with stripes of buttercream stars, a cute little fondant bow tie, and a cupcake on top for Owen to eat at the party.

The paper moon and stars on top couldn't have been simpler to make - just cut the shapes and hot glue onto paper straws for the most adorable cake toppers.

And don't you just love the night sky with moon and stars backdrop that she made?  And that beautiful piece of chalkboard art she designed in Photoshop?  I'm always so amazed at Katie's creativity, and there isn't a detail she didn't think of.

When I decorated Owen's cake last Friday after work, I even had a little helper in the kitchen.  Lucy and her mom (who brought the cutest matching aprons for them to wear) asked if they could come watch me decorate a cake, and they even brought me flowers as a thank you.

Since just watching isn't as fun as decorating, I baked a special little cake just for Lucy to decorate.  She picked her colors, frosted the cake herself, and even rolled out fondant and cut it with cookie cutters to decorate her cake.  And she just so happens to be a curly girl, too, so she was right at home in my kitchen!