Thursday, October 9, 2014

Curly Girl Wedding: DIY Flower Girl Baskets

For this week's post in my Curly Girl Wedding series, I'm so excited to show you how I made the flower girl baskets for my nieces.  Don't they make the most adorable flower girls you've ever seen?

And Bri Lamkin Photography captured the day so beautifully - I just love looking through the photos and remembering all the lovely little details that she preserved for us.

I just love the way the whole look came together for the bridal party.  My bridesmaids picked their own dresses, and I found their necklaces on Etsy - where else?   The seller designed the necklaces based on the colors for the wedding.  They're so pretty, I wish I'd bought one for myself.  I think the one with the bicycle is my favorite.

The purses are also from Etsy, and the headbands for the flower girls are just something I found here and there.  I just love the one with the black and white script.  I found the dresses for my nieces at the Paris Street Market here in Denver, and they were actually women's tops, but I thought they would be perfect as dresses for the little girls.  I sewed the sparkly trim onto the hems and found a fluffy grey tutu for M to wear.  With the headbands, jewelry and ribbons tied around their waists, I've never seen such pretty flower girls.

And not forgetting our ring bearer, Jamie's nephew, how cute does he look with his yellow bow-tie and suspenders (which my sister-in-law also found on Etsy) and yellow shoes?  I made his sign by using black paint to stencil "Here Comes the Bride" on a white-painted wooden plaque, and then stapling the striped ribbon to the back to hang around his neck.  It turned out so cute, and was such an easy project!

The Project.

DIY Flower Girl Baskets
  • fabric
  • ribbon, trim, fabric flowers, etc.
  • basket with handle
  • cardboard
  • hot glue gun and hot glue
  • iron-on letters

1.  Set the basket on your piece of fabric and trim the fabric, making sure every edge is long enough to fold up over the sides and down inside the basket.  Hot glue the base of the basket to the wrong side of the fabric to hold it in place.

2.  Begin gluing the fabric against the top edge of the basket, pleating it as you go, gluing each pleat to hold it in place.  When you get to the handle, just cut a slit in the fabric to work around the handle.  Repeat with the other half of the fabric on the other side of the handle.  Fold the fabric down inside the basket and fold the excess under at the bottom.  Smooth out the pleats and tuck the fabric securely down in the basket.

3.  Cut a cardboard circle (I used a cake board) slightly smaller than the inside of the basket.  Cover the cardboard with a piece of fabric, gluing it underneath to secure.  Use hot glue to secure the circle inside the basket, to cover up the fabric at the bottom.

4.  Hot glue some pretty trim and fabric flowers to the basket.  Glue the initial of the flower girl's name on the underneath.

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