Monday, September 29, 2014

Lyla's First Birthday

Baby Lyla turned one!  Inspired by her six-month photos in her bright and colorful nursery, I designed a first birthday cake for her that would highlight as many of those colors as I could manage to squeeze into one cake.

See how the stripes on the bottom tier of her cake are just like the painted stripes on her bedroom walls, in shades of purple, coral and mint?

Photo by J Amado Photography

Photo by J Amado Photography
Photo by J Amado Photography

I almost always begin a cake with a sketch, as it helps keep me organized, and keeps me from making mistakes while decorating something this involved.  This cake is frosted all in buttercream, with just the little birdies and the Lyla banner accents in fondant.

The bottom tier is chocolate cake, with vanilla on top, and a vanilla cupcake perched on top for Lyla.  She loved the frosting, but didn't seem to enjoy the cake very much!

To add even more color and cuteness, I made a bunch of paper flowers from the most adorable paper I found at the craft store.

The spiraled roses are very easy, and there are plenty of tutorials available online for those, so I won't take the time to post my own tutorial.

The more realistic looking roses are more time-consuming, as each petal is cut and glued on individually, then the petals folded out however you like.  I'm sure there are many different ways to make these, some probably easier than others, but here is the tutorial I used for mine.

Aren't they pretty?

And didn't Lyla's parents do such a cute job decorating their house for the party?  Happy Birthday, Lyla!