Friday, September 19, 2014

Baby Shower Cake

The weekend before our wedding - literally 7 days before - I had agreed to make a baby shower cake.  I was picking my mom up from the airport that Sunday afternoon so that she could spend the week with me and work on my dress alterations, and I thought, I can fit in a cake order first!

My friend asked for chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream, but left the design up to me, other than asking me to incorporate purple, since the nursery is being decorated in shades of purple for the new baby girl.  I always love when I get to make the design decisions!

I don't often get to use my baby-themed mini cutters, so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to make something this cute and for such a happy occasion.

I was able to make all of the fondant pieces a week ahead of time, except for the large name plate on the front, since that needed to be freshly rolled out and still soft in order to shape it around the curve of the cake.  I just love it all, the bunting made from bibs, the little feet, the onesie.  The teddy bear with the heart on its tummy!

Simple mini fondant hearts everywhere and a paper flower made the whole cake so adorable.  Welcome to the world, Baby Girl Gregory!