Monday, August 4, 2014


The rolling hills of orchards and vineyards in Paonia have been waiting for me.  Just for me.

Three days in my favorite part of Colorado weren't nearly enough, but any longer and we would have spent all our money on fruit and wine.  As it was, we brought home a big box of Palisade peaches, as well as apricots, sweet cherries and small red plums, and a case of Paonia wine for the wedding (and more than a few bottles for ourselves).

The jam for the wedding favors is finished (and I'm thoroughly exhausted after cooking, canning and labeling nine batches of jam), and the only fruit remaining is a bag peaches that I blanched, peeled and pitted, then froze for later.  This fall, maybe, when I have a craving for a taste of summer, I'll try to recreate the most amazing peach strudel that Jamie and I shared after lunch the day we left to come home.

I took hundreds of photos there, but these are just a few of my favorites.