Friday, April 4, 2014

Strawberry Coconut Smoothie

Wednesday night, we experienced another late spring snow that left a good eight inches drifted on my car to be brushed off this morning.  It was wet and heavy, and actually took some muscle to clean off.  The snow continued falling through the morning, but by yesterday afternoon the sun had come out and the roads were mostly clear again, with just patches of snow here and there to remind us of last night's storm.  I hope this was the last snow, and the last time to wear my heavy coat until next winter, but in Colorado, you never know.

As I was looking up my post from two years ago to link to below, I was a little shocked at the photos I had taken of the flowering trees in 2012, as this year the trees are still bare and I haven't seen a single flower on the bushes yet.

There's a field of prairie dogs that I drive past every day, and yesterday afternoon their plump little bodies and wiggly tails could be spotted dotting the snow-patched field; they were enjoying the sunshine, too.  I think they're so cute, even though they're pretty much considered vermin around here.  I'm pretty sure I wouldn't think a field full of rats was so cute, but still, the prairie dogs make me smile.

After my lunch leftovers didn't quite work out, (don't make the mistake I did of putting pineapple salsa in the same container as meat, or you will have meat mush for lunch) I came home hungry yesterday and made a simple strawberry coconut smoothie with just four ingredients.  It's cold, creamy and sweet, almost like a milkshake, and perfect on these sunny spring days!

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