Friday, February 14, 2014

Bicycle and Balloons Valentine's Cake

Happy Valentine's Day!  Whether this is your first visit, or you've read every one of my posts for the last almost three years, I'm glad you found this post and I hope you are having a wonderful day.

A while ago, I saw this cute tutorial for a summery bicycle and balloons cake by My Cake School, and I've been wanting to make my own bicycle cake ever since.  I really wanted the bicycle to be a pretty, vintage-looking red bike, so Valentine's was the perfect opportunity to create my cake design using their bicycle template.

I've mentioned before that red velvet isn't my own personal favorite, but it's very Valentinesy, and other people always seem to love it, so I had to go with red velvet cake.  To make it a little more interesting to me, I scattered sweetened coconut between each cake layer and flavored my buttercream with coconut extract.

For my cake design, I thought that the red would look lovely paired with a very pale, almost whitish blue buttercream background, and I just love how the colors look together.  I think the only thing I might have done differently is to bunch the balloons together a little more closely, but then again, they're pretty cute as they are, too, rather like they're floating up to the sky.

The rolled paper flowers which I made to decorate the top of the cake were another fun and easy project.  The tutorial for the paper flowers is courtesy of Jones Design Company, a website I have just recently discovered and completely fallen in love with.  They have so many great tutorials, projects and printables.

The big paper flowers, secured to a wooden skewer with hot glue, make a beautiful topper for a cake.

With paper leftover from the paper flowers, I printed out a few love quotes and made a Valentine's card and a matching envelope for Jamie, but shhhh, don't tell him - he doesn't get the card until our Valentine's date tonight...

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Bicycle and Balloons Valentine's Cake
  • Red Velvet Cake, baked and cooled
  • Buttercream, tinted very pale blue (I added coconut extract to my buttercream, and also sprinkled sweetened coconut in between each layer of cake as I frosted them)
  • Candy Melts, red, black and white
  • downloadable/printable Bicycle Template, by My Cake School
  • pretty paper, scissors, hot glue and wooden skewers to make the paper flowers - here is an easy tutorial by Jones Design Company on how to make the flowers (I hot glued the finished flowers to wooden skewers to stick into the cake)

Print the bicycle template and follow the instructions by My Cake School for piping your bicycle out of candy melts.  I also piped a bunch of red balloons and the letters for LOVE out of candy melts.  Arrange on your frosted cake and finish with the paper flowers on top.

Recipe by Curly Girl Kitchen
Design inspired by My Cake School