Tuesday, January 21, 2014

One Hundred Handmade Napkins for our Wedding...

Today I've begun to feel a turning point in this cold that's been running me down since last week, and I'm starting to feel a whole lot better, thankfully.  Not so yesterday, though, when I left work and stopped for cold medicine on the way home, thinking that I might as well pick up the groceries as long as I was at the store.  But after shopping for vegetables and meat, I broke out into a cold sweat and thought I might pass out before I even made it back to the dairy section.

So instead of trying to finish the rest of the shopping, I paid for what I had and headed straight home, where I dosed up on cold medicine and ate a comforting lunch of clam chowder, smoked salmon and crackers.

Having been burning up when I got home, I was now freezing, and snuggled under three blankets on the couch to get warm before I gradually started feeling better.  Going to bed at 9:00 pm helped, too, I'm sure, and I'm happy to be feeling on the mend this morning.

Over the course of my weekend of being sick at home, I still tried to be somewhat productive, and so I worked on a sewing project for the wedding.

Bored with the color and (lack of) pattern options for linens available from the wedding rental company, I decided to sew the wedding napkins, knowing I could get fabric on sale and sew them for a dollar or less apiece.  It didn't seem like a major undertaking since we are only inviting around 100 guests, but as it turns out, cutting 25 yards of fabric into 100 18-inch squares and then hemming every single one takes more time than you would think.

I had been working on the project a little at a time over the last few weeks without making any great headway, so I threw myself into it this weekend to get it finished and clean up the living room which was strewn with squares of fabric, thread trimmings, the ironing board, and of course, my sewing machine, which, for lack of a better place to sew, sat on the coffee table where I could sew from the comfort of the couch.

My sewing machine is a beautiful, black vintage Singer machine, built in 1953.  It was a gift from my grandpa, and I learned to sew on it when I was about five or six years old.  It's 25 years older than I am, but it still runs perfectly, except for the gadget that's supposed to load the bobbin which is a little finicky, so I have to wrap the thread onto the bobbin by hand.

It doesn't do anything fancy, just basic stitching, but I love it, and I've used it for all my sewing and mending over the years.

As far as my plans for the napkins after the wedding is over, I think they can be turned into a pretty quilt or pillow covers...

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