Monday, November 10, 2014

My failed attempt at Pumpkin Beignets...

It was a few weeks ago that I spent an entire Saturday morning trying to make pumpkin beignets.  My idea was simply to drop rounded spoonfuls of batter - essentially just pumpkin muffin batter - into oil and fry them, then roll the fried dough in butter, cinnamon and sugar.  In theory, it was a fabulous idea, but I simply couldn't make them work.

The first batch looked beautiful, and that is the batch I photographed, thinking they were quite the success, and I was quite the beignet genius.  They were golden and crisp on the outside and lightly coated with cinnamon and sugar, and I couldn't wait to bite into one.  But sadly, they were completely raw inside.  Every single one.  We scraped out the raw dough and ate the crispy exterior, which was still good, but obviously, not a recipe that was ready to share.

After several minutes of sitting and staring at the pile of mangled beignets with their doughy, scraped out bellies, I jumped up and mixed up another batch.  This time, I thought, I would fry them for longer.  But longer frying meant burned beignets, so I lowered the temperature of the oil and tried again, but now they were simply over-saturated with oil and completely inedible.

Again, I mixed up yet another batch, making the batter thinner this time, thinking that it was simply too dense.  But it was too thin to roll into balls, and the strands of dough floated around in the oil quite forlornly.

All in all, I gave it three good tries before admitting defeat.  This simply wasn't a recipe that was meant to be.  But I still think they look pretty.


  1. What a bummer that they didn't turn out! I had that happen recently to me with a vegan whipped "cream." I was unsuccessful in getting a nice fluffy consistency with the skimmed off cream. I'm determined to try again in the future though. It made for an interesting icing though, weirdly enough. Haha!

    1. It's so disappointing when that happens, isn't it? But, it's also a great way to learn! I have tried whipping coconut cream with mixed success. It tastes good spooned over berries, but doesn't get really fluffy like heavy whipping cream does.


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