Friday, June 20, 2014

Going on an Adventure Cupcakes

When Bilbo Baggins packed his things, left his cozy home tucked into the side of a grassy hill, and shouted, "I'm going on an adventure!" as he ran to catch up with the Dwarves, he must not have had the slightest inkling just how long that adventure would be or how many surprising and dangerous twists and turns the journey would take.  If he did know, do you think he still would have gone?  I'm so fascinated by all the character studies in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

Some friends are moving away, leaving Denver for their own adventure in Philadelphia.  It's bittersweet, because they will be missed, but at the same time, exciting for them to get to experience new opportunities in such an interesting city so full of history.

For their going away party, I was asked to make gluten free cupcakes (my first gluten free cake of any kind, which turned out very nicely, I think).  Since I have no experience with gluten free baking, not to mention no room to store all the special flours, powders and starches needed, or the time to experiment with from-scratch gluten baking, I baked the cupcakes from a gluten-free mix, but of course added a few special ingredients like sour cream and vanilla to give them that homemade taste.  I filled the cupcakes with seedless raspberry jam and topped them with cream cheese buttercream.  Although I didn't end up tasting one, I was told at they party that the cupcakes, as well as the cappuccino fudge brownies, were delicious.

For a fun cupcake topper with a "going-away" theme, I resized maps of Denver and Philadelphia, printed them on card stock, and cut them out to attach to wooden skewers.  Hearts for Denver, of course.

Our printer refused to print in color for some reason, other than shades of pink, so I resigned myself to some maps in pink and some in black and white, which I ended up not minding after all.  The pink maps actually looked pretty.

Jodi and Marcel, Colorado misses you already!

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