Sunday, April 20, 2014

Watercolor Striped Cake

Today we'll be having Easter dinner with friends who are "orphans" like us, without family in town to spend the holidays with.

I had been planning to make my peanut butter cheesecake again, since nothing says Easter like chocolate and peanut butter.  But then a friend asked if I could make a birthday cake instead, as a surprise for one of the girls who would be at dinner.

So I baked a white cake, whipped up some fluffy vanilla bean buttercream and frosted the cake in a design I'm calling "watercolor stripes".

There is a wonderful blog called Jones Design Company, and the designer Emily creates these beautiful, seasonal watercolor prints which she makes available for download.  This print is from her spring collection - isn't it gorgeous?  If you've never been to her blog, I hope you will pay a visit.  And once you start looking around, you may not want to leave, because there's so much creativity and inspiration - the lovely soft hues of her watercolor artwork was my inspiration for this cake.

Photo and Artwork from Jones Design Company

The blended stripes were actually quite easy to make.  After first frosting the cake in a crumb coat of white buttercream and letting it chill, I filled a piping bag to pipe the frosting on in a even layer, starting at the top, and one fourth of the way down the sides.  Then I added a drop or two of purple food coloring to get a pale lavender color, and piped the next section.  Then I repeated that twice more, each time tinting the frosting just a little darker.

After the frosting was in place, I took my bench scraper and lightly ran it around the sides, two or three times, until the frosting was smooth and the stripes blended together seamlessly.  It's a pretty effect, don't you think?

So as not to ruin the pretty cake with writing (and because I have awful cake writing skills), I made bunting to wish the birthday girl a happy birthday.  I made the letters in Excel and printed them on card stock; then by punching a small hole punched in each corner I was able to run the twine through the bunting without needing to use any glue or tape.

I loved the look of this cake so much, I sat and stared at it for a while and dreamed of all the other cakes I want to decorate this summer with other pretty pastel stripes.

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