Friday, April 25, 2014

The First Blooms of Spring

Wherever you are that's not where I am, it's probably already lush, green and flowering, and I'm jealous of that place.  But here, it wasn't until this week that I started noticing the trees along our street sprouting fresh green shoots and blossoms.

I took my camera and went for a walk, but the sunny day had turned cloudy and terribly windy, so it was hard to get photos that weren't blurry since nothing would stay still long enough for me to take a clear photo.  I still love them, though.

It's supposed to rain the next few days and I'm hoping for a quiet weekend at home to work on some projects.  And if you're wondering what I'm up to lately...

making: paper flower garlands
cooking: rack of lamb with roasted carrots and onions for dinner Saturday
drinking: red wine
reading: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
wanting: this dress
looking: at photos of beautiful cakes for inspiration
playing: with my hair for possible wedding hairstyles
wasting: plastic piping bags
sewing: my veil
wishing: it was summer already
enjoying: the first blooms of spring
waiting: to finish making my homemade limoncello and rhubarb cocktail
liking: the feel of the sun on my arms
wondering: what the life of a cat would be like
loving: this
hoping: we will have a house before the end of the year
marveling: at how life changes
needing: this drink
wanting: these in my closet
smelling: afternoon rain clouds
wearing: sundresses
noticing: new green shoots on the trees
trying: to better myself every day
knowing: that Jamie loves me
thinking: about our future together
baking: lemon scones
bookmarking: blogs I've just discovered to read later
opening: a new box of fondant
giggling: at Jamie's cute grumpy face when he wants a head rub
feeling: content

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