Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt in the Garden Cake

Quite a while ago, I stumbled upon this tutorial for "quilling" with fondant or gum paste.  As I was still in the beginner phase of learning how to use fondant, this seemed like a fun and easy technique to learn.  Quilling or paper filigree, is an art form of rolling strips of paper for scrap-booking, and long before that, for decorating book covers or religious artifacts.

It was the middle of winter, but I must have been dreaming of warmer weather when I created my little quilled butterflies, bees and flowers, which I packed away in a box to wait until spring had arrived.

The wall next to our kitchen table has become the storage area for everything to do with our upcoming wedding - decorations, candles, vases, and miscellaneous projects I'm working on - and while organizing it all the other day, I found my box of dried fondant decorations.  It was time to make an Easter cake with my pretty little decorations, which I decided to call my "Easter Egg Hunt in the Garden" Cake.

The cake itself is vanilla, with minty shaved chocolate buttercream.  I tinted the buttercream an ever-so-subtle shade of pale green, with the shaved chocolate to hint at a speckled Easter egg.

To complete the cake, I wrapped a few plastic eggs in fondant and decorated them with stripes and polka dots, with the eggs "hiding" beside a paper flower attached to a wooden skewer.  Even my rolled paper flower is a form of quilling.

I don't have any memories of hunting Easter eggs in the yard, or even dyeing or decorating Easter eggs as a kid, but I do remember the baskets of candy waiting on our beds on Easter morning and how hard it was to put the candy away until after lunch.  I'm sure we sneaked a jelly bean or two, though, when our parents weren't looking.

For a how-to on "quilling" with fondant or gum paste, click HERE for a photo tutorial by My Cake School.

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  1. What an adorable cake! I love the idea of quilling with fondant, it's so whimsical! And that speckly icing is so cute!


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