Tuesday, February 18, 2014


When I thought of names for this blog a few years ago, Curly Girl Kitchen seemed to fit, because well, my hair.  My hair pretty much does whatever it wants most days, and this blog is just about anything and everything that I feel so inclined to bake, cook and share with you, although it does tend to lean towards sweet baking most often.

It used to annoy me, although I have learned to simply be amused, when people say things like, Oh, you must not even fix your hair, because it's already done for you!  Really, I don't have to fix my hair?  Gee, that must be nice.  If only it were true.

The 90s were unkind to my hair, and between the hair-sprayed bangs and the harsh drying effects of Sun-In and days spent lying outside resulting in a poof of dry frizzy hair fluffing around my shoulders, I wasn't exactly a picture of glamour.  I got it all chopped off my senior year, which I instantly regretted and dissolved into tears the second I left the salon.  It just so happened to be a few weeks before senior pictures, making it all the more regrettable.  It took years and years of more bad haircuts and even worse dye jobs to grow it out again with my natural hair color.  And ever since then, I've cut it myself - I just have a hard time trusting anyone not to butcher my hair.

The search will never truly be over for the perfect hair products and styling methods that lift my curls, give them volume with a lovely silky sheen and keep the frizz at bay, although on a very humid day, all bets are off.  I have to check the weather forecast before I even bother trying to straighten my hair, something I would never attempt on a rainy day.

Curly hair is naturally very coarse and dry, so the longer it gets, the more tangles I have to combat.  I never really get the satisfaction of brushing my hair, unless of course I want to spend an hour straightening it with a very hot, and likely damaging, flat iron, so I have to be satisfied with using my fingers or a wide comb to shake the curls into place.

My natural curl, as you see here, is achieved with more conditioner than you would think a head of hair could possibly absorb, followed by the barest of towel drying, a handful of curl mouse and a little more leave-in conditioner, then immediately and slowly blow-drying upside down with a diffuser.  By the time I'm done, my hair looks fantastic but my face is hot and sweaty from all that hot air.  But if I let it air dry while I walk around, it dries flat and frizzy, a strange combination.

Since I try not to blow dry it every time I wash it, I’ve discovered that I can achieve looser curls by washing it at night and letting it dry against my pillow, which means that every time I turn over, I have to remember, while half asleep, to lift my hair back up onto my pillow so it doesn’t dry flat and bedraggled against my head.  The result in the morning is a head full of soft, although somewhat uneven and unpredictable waves, that I can quickly bring into submission by touching up with my curling iron.

But in spite of all of this, I rather like my hair.

And Straight Girl Kitchen just really doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, does it?


  1. I just found your blog, and have to comment on the name/this post. I, too, am a fellow curly girl (and it appears that you have some red, to boot). I feel your pain....truly, I do. I only wish I had a dollar for every. single. person who has told me how "lucky" I am to have my curls. If I did, I could stop working and only do my blog. Alas, I need the money to buy my products so that I don't look quite as much as if I stuck my finger in a socket. I've only in the past few years learned to like my hair. Well, that and having a boyfriend that loves, loves, loves my curls. That helps a lot. Looking forward to seeing more posts from you.

    1. Hi Stephie, I'm so happy you found my blog and took the time to comment! :) Funny how it takes so long for most curly girls to come to terms with their hair and learn to love it and how to style it. I think it's because I grew up with a sister with straight hair, and I tried fixing my hair the same way she did hers, and it just didn't work!


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