Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My DIY Save-the-Dates

Today I'm giving myself a break from baking.  Instead, I'm going to share a little crafting project of mine.  If you've followed my blog for a while, you might remember that Jamie proposed to me a few months ago! :)  So in between all the baking projects, there is lots of wedding planning going on, too.

And if you're wondering... yes, I will be making our wedding cake.  I know.  But it's just something I really want to do.

After booking the venue, the next order of business was whittling down the guest list to the general vicinity of 100 guests - which isn't an easy thing to do.  But the venue will only accommodate so many guests - and so will our budget - which I'm sure anyone who's planned and paid for a wedding themselves understands.

I had looked at some templates online for save-the-dates, but really didn't love any of them in their entirety, so the idea of making them myself slowly took shape until I was convinced that was what I wanted to do.

First I printed out a 4x6 of one of my favorite photos from our engagement session, and started sketching ideas for incorporating that into a 5x7 card.  Then I headed to the craft store for inspiration, and came home with a bag full of paper, twine, glue, photo corners, and a rubber stamp and ink pad.

My methods were far from high-tech.  I created a simple two-column template in Microsoft Word, which I printed onto card stock on our home printer, and then cut each sheet into two 5x7 cards.  This is something I wouldn't recommend, unless you have a better printer than mine, but our little printer had difficulty handling the thickness of the card stock and kept getting jammed.  I was about ready to throw it off the balcony by the time I was done printing.

But once that step was finished, I breathed a sigh of relief and started stamping each corner of the cards with my new rubber stamp.

The sticky-backed photo corners were so easy to use, and I just placed those on the photos first, then centered them on the front of the card.

And lastly, I cut contrasting colored paper to make little tags for the cards, which I attached with paper clips tied with a few pieces of yellow and grey twine.

It took an entire Saturday spent hunched over the coffee table, not to mention the time spent later stuffing and addressing envelopes, but I was so, so happy with how cute they turned out.  The only downside was that the very week after I purchased my supplies, they all went on sale for 50% off, but even at full price, I saved money making them myself.

And when I realized - after having spent 10 hours making them - that I had mis-typed the address for our wedding website, all I could do was laugh.  Instead of remaking them, my solution was simply to include a little insert that read, "OOPS!  The correct wedding website is..."

I think it's going to be such a beautiful wedding.