Friday, May 24, 2013

Our Sunrise Adventure and Morning in the Park...

It's officially spring here, and I couldn't be happier.  It took a while for the spring snow storms to dissipate, and although we still have some afternoon thunderstorms which I don't mind in the least, the sky is mostly bright blue, clear and sunny.  The trees are getting fuller and greener, and I'm excited to see some flowers blooming.

For today's post, I'm taking a little break from the baking, and just sharing a few photos from last weekend.  On Saturday morning, I thought it would be fun to get up and watch the sun rise.  I realize that someday, when a crying baby wakes me up at 3am against my will, the thought of actually getting up that early by choice will probably be laughable.  So it's something I wanted to do while it still seemed fun and romantic.

We woke up in pitch blackness, got dressed and sleepily carried a few essentials to the car - water and snacks (which we completely forgot about) and of course, my camera and tripod.  After a quick stop at the gas station across the street for coffee and doughnuts, we drove to Cherry Creek Park, which has a man-made reservoir with a marina and a little swim beach.

It was chilly out in the early morning, and the sun was coming up much too quickly, so by the time we drove around the park trying to figure out the best place to park, it was already fairly light out.  There didn't seem to be any ideal spot that would show the sun rising up over the horizon, so we just picked one of the beach spots.  My feet, in flimsy red sandals, squished into the sand which was so cold on my toes.

I had envisioned an artful photo of us at the beach, the sun rising behind us...  but the reality was that I brought the wrong piece to attach my camera to the tripod, and after messing with it for too long trying to make it work, we gave up and just tried to balance the camera as best we could.  We got a few photos, but not quite what I was hoping for.

We saw all sorts of things washed up on the sand - a little lock and key, a small animal's skeletan - and we lingered there for a few minutes before driving around to the marina on the other side of the park to take a few photos of the boats.  It was almost fully light out then, and although the park was still fairly quiet as it wasn't even 7am yet, fishermen were starting to arrive at the dock to get an early start before the place was packed full.  It was going to be a pretty day out, although a little overcast.

Next we drove to DeLaney Community Farm, which is part of the Denver Urban Gardens community supported agriculture project in Aurora.  As we drove through Aurora down Colfax Avenue, I looked at the slummy areas and thought about the things that I take for granted.  Like owning a car and living in a nice suburban area.  Having meat with dinner and lots of fresh vegetables.  Having cable, internet and an iPhone.  Buying new clothes.  Baking and decorating a cake just because I feel like it.

But there were the days that I shopped at the Dollar Store, Good Will and Big Lots for groceries and makeup.  There were the times that I used the free computer lab at the library because I couldn't pay for internet access at home.  My family grew up eating lots of rice and beans because we couldn't afford meat, and now Jamie and I eat fish or chicken or beef almost every night at dinner.  And although I can't afford to shop at Whole Foods every day, it's not out of the question to buy a few specialty items there now and then.  These things that I take for granted would be a privilege to so many people.

There wasn't much happening yet from the farming aspect since it's too early for anything to be growing yet, so we just took a few photos around the historic buildings there, and I liked the rustic backdrop they contributed.

Our next stop was Cheesman Park, a city park in a gorgeous part of Denver where the grass is green and lush and the streets are lined with beautiful old homes.  We parked along one of the streets and then walked a little bit to the Grecian style pavilion in the park.  I had never been here, and even though the flowers weren't yet blooming and the fountains were empty and dry, I was awed by the beauty of the place.

The park has a reputation of being haunted, as it was originally a cemetery.  In the late 1800s, workers were assigned to dig up the graves in order to relocate the remains, but there were reports of disrespectful activities in regards to the remains.  Eventually, the work was stopped, and there were many graves that were never moved.  They say the ghosts of those remains still haunt the park, as well as the Denver Botanic Gardens which also shares some of the original land.

It was still only about 11:00 am, but we'd already been up for almost 8 hours, so hungry and a little tired, we ended our sunrise adventure at Crepes n Crepes for a late breakfast.  One of their daily specials was "Heather's Favorite Strawberry Crepes"...  so of course, I had to order it.  The coffee they served was silky and rich, and possibly the best cup of coffee I've ever tasted...

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