Sunday, November 10, 2013

Brie is not my cheese...

It wasn't until a few days ago that I discovered that I really don't like Brie.  I had been wanting to try the ever popular baked brie - only without the puffed pastry - topped with cranberry orange compote.

Some people say to leave the rind on, which is edible, but others say to take it off.  I don't like the taste of the rind, so I cut it off before baking the cheese.  Within minutes, it had pooled into a melted, congealed mess that looked completely unappetizing.  But we ate a few bites anyway, spread on crostini, and both agreed it just wasn't our thing, and far prefer hard cheeses.

With almost a pound of brie left that I didn't want to waste, I thought I might try to make it into ice cream, so I simmered a custard of milk, cream, sugar and eggs, stirred in the brie and the cranberry compote, and left it in the freezer to freeze.

The cranberry and brie ice cream looked really beautiful, but still had that brie flavor that I just didn't care for, as well as an odd texture from the brie, so we ended up throwing it out.  It was disappointing that I couldn't manage to use it in a way that we would enjoy and it wouldn't go to waste, but it was worth a try, and the lovely colors of the ice cream inspired me to make another homemade ice cream this weekend, which I can't wait to share...

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