Thursday, April 5, 2012

Caught between Winter and Spring...

Every morning for the past two years on my way to work, I've driven past this doughnut and bakery shop (Lora's Donuts & Bakery), its warm glowing light inside beckoning me to come in for a doughnut and coffee before starting the long drive to work - and for two years I resisted.  Even though I never stopped in, I liked seeing the light inside every morning as I drove by, especially when it was still cold and dark out at 6am, knowing that warm, fresh doughnuts were making an appearance under the glass counter.

This morning, though, I stopped for the very first time - to pick up some doughnuts to take to work for a coworker's last day in the office.  An assorted mix for everyone else, with an old-fashioned cake doughnut for me.

Cake doughnuts are my favorite.

The two ladies inside the shop were all smiles even though they'd probably been frying doughnuts since 3am since they open at 5, and the shop was as cheery inside as it had always looked from the outside.  My cake doughnut was perfect - soft, sweet and cakey inside with a crunchy sugary glaze outside - just what I had wanted.

I had planned to make cupcakes for today instead, but they were a dismal flop, and now there are 24 cupcakes in the trashcan at home.  I hate wasting ingredients.  My plan was to make a honey pistachio cupcake, with honey and finely ground pistachios mixed into the batter.  Sounds yummy, right?

Pistachios aren't an ingredient I use too often - mostly because of the expense.  But a while back, Jamie and I had shared a dessert at a restaurant - some sort of sorbet with chocolate, cherries and a creamy pistachio sauce.  Jamie decided to make a pistachio sauce for something a few weeks later - it didn't quite turn out, since we couldn't get the nuts ground fine enough - so it was a little grainy, but still good, and I love that he makes me fancy things to eat.

I ended up making half the cupcakes with nuts and half without.  The half with pistachios sank in the middle, and had a very odd crumbly texture that was just off.  And they didn't look pretty at all.  And the ones without pistachios looked a little better, but still had a strange, sticky texture (from the honey, I suppose?), and I just couldn't bring myself to cover them up with frosting and pretend they had turned out how I wanted.  The result was pretty disappointing, since I had already envisioned how I was going to decorate them, and in my mind they were going to be so beautiful.

The trees are in full bloom and so gorgeous, but Colorado can't seem to decide if it's winter or spring.  A late winter snow storm covered everything in a fresh blanket of snow on Tuesday...

And this was today, sunny and beautiful again...

Sun, snow, and more sun!  I was ready to put my boots away, but seeing as how it's 30 degrees in the morning when I leave for work and 70 by lunchtime, it's a little hard to start the day in flip flops just yet.  So my boots are still standing by...

In a few weeks, though, it really will be spring, and the sun will already be waking everyone up by the time I leave at 6 in the morning.  With the sun up, the light from the doughnut shop won't shine as brightly, and I might not even think about doughnuts for a while.  Until the days get shorter again in the fall, the mornings are darker, and the beacon of light is still there, beckoning morning commuters to come in for something sweet.

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  1. Lovely post. It's quite fully spring in New York and the trees are all wearing their flowers. So nice to say goodbye to winter! :)


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