Monday, November 21, 2011

Cookies and Cream Bark

I have a present for you.  Isn't it pretty?

Every season brings with it something special on that one aisle at the grocery store - you know the one I'm talking about.  All those Halloween costumes and candy have now been cleared out for Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations, dishes, ornaments and candy.  Special edition candy like those chewy peppermints and chocolate bells are in abundance already, but there's one item that I haven't seen make an appearance yet...

White chocolate-covered Oreos.  At this time of year, Oreos get a makeover and go from something that I would usually only eat after soaking them in a glass a milk to something kind of heavenly.  They could make anyone's bad day seem brighter.  My parents love these cookies so much that they buy 4 or 5 packages of them every Christmas.  But there's a really short window to get your hands on some of these special edition cookies, and then they're gone, not to be heard from for another year...

If you miss that window, or just want to make something simple, delicious and beautiful, whether it's a treat just for you, or a gift to add to your cookie exchange list, then consider this Cookies and Cream Bark.  I might even go so far as to say that it may even be better than a whole cookie dipped in white chocolate, and just looking at how pretty and wintery it is will make your day.  Especially when you realize it takes only 2 ingredients and about 10 minutes to make.

Oreos and White Chocolate.  This could be yours tonight.

Cookies and Cream Bark

·         2 bags (12 ounces each) white chocolate chips
·         1 package (15.5 ounces) Oreos

Place the white chocolate chips in a large heat-proof bowl over a pan of simmering water – the bottom of the bowl should not be touching the water.  Slowly melt the chocolate, stirring occasionally with a spatula, until smooth.

Meanwhile, set aside 8 of the Oreos.  Chop the remaining Oreos into fourths.  Chop the 8 reserved Oreos a little smaller, to be sprinkled on top of the bark.

Line a baking sheet with foil.  When the chocolate is melted, stir the chopped Oreos (except for the 8 reserved) into the chocolate.  Pour onto the baking sheet and spread all the way to the edges of the pan.  Sprinkle the remaining chopped Oreos on top.

Refrigerate until chilled, about 30 minutes.  Lift the slab of bark off the foil, place on a cutting board and break or cut into pieces.  Keep leftovers in the fridge.

Yields about 2 ½ pounds of bark.