Saturday, August 13, 2011

a Guilty Pleasure Afternoon Snack... Iced Coffee Caramel White Russian and a Carrot Streusel Muffin

I hope you all are having a wonderful Saturday!  If you have a few minutes to whip up a cold drink and put your feet up, sit in the shade or soak up a little sun, treat yourselves to this cool and refreshing Iced Coffee Caramel White Russian, and maybe have a little afternoon snack with that.  You've worked hard this week.  You deserve this.  :)

Jamie's coming home today from Sturgis and I couldn't be more excited since I haven't seen him in five days!  And for his special welcome home dinner, here's what I have planned:
  • Appetizer - Roasted Artichoke with Spicy Aioli
  • Main Course - Rack of Lamb with Sage and Red Wine Cherry Sauce, and Baby Red Potatoes with Herbs
  • Dessert - Nectarine Blueberry Crumble
  • To Drink - 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve, from the winery at Holy Cross Abbey (we bought this in the summer of 2009 during my birthday weekend)
So this morning, I went to three of my favorite stores to pick up a few items (and also to just do some fun browsing):  The Container Store, World Market, and Tony's Meats and Specialty Foods.  It amazes me how every time I go to The Container Store, I manage to find something that I didn't even know I needed, and somehow don't think I can live without!  Jamie doesn't seem to harbor the same excitement about containers that I do (organizing something in the perfect container just makes me happy), and he made me promise never to make him go to there again, although I think it's a pretty fair trade after I go to Men's Wearhouse with him, which is right next door.  :)  

He tolerates World Market, and of course, he loves Tony's and introduced me to the store when we started dating.  It's not a place you can buy many of your groceries, unless maybe you're a celebrity, because it's very expensive.  But it's a great place to get some high quality meat and specialty items that you may not find at your regular grocery store.  I bought the rack of lamb there this morning, as well as a jar of vanilla bean paste which caught my eye.  I have a feeling it will be a good, and much cheaper, alternative to whole vanilla beans when I want that vanilla bean flavor. 

By this stage of my morning shopping, it was nearing lunch time, and I gave in to the temptation of buying a carrot streusel muffin from the bakery to have as an afternoon snack when I got home.  

Isn't this a gorgeous muffin?  It was so delicious, full of cinnamon and cloves, raisins and nuts, and after tasting it, I wish I had the recipe so I could make these.  Everything is better with streusel topping, don't you think?

To go along with the muffin, I made an Iced Coffee Caramel White Russian.  Yes, I know it's only 2:00 in the afternoon, but don't judge me.  :)  It is Saturday, after all, and I don't have to go anywhere else today.  Although, come to think of it, I forgot to get ice cream, and Jamie's going to want ice cream on top of the nectarine blueberry crumble tonight...  I may have to run back out again.

This icy drink was also the perfect way to use up the rest of my coffee that I didn't drink this morning, since I hate just dumping it down the drain.  And, it's low calorie, since I make White Russians with skim milk instead of cream.  I made it in a big mason jar, to accommodate all the ice, and to have something cool to sip throughout the afternoon on as I finish up some cleaning and do a little prepping for dinner tonight.  It's delicious!  But I have lots more to do today, so I better pace myself...

Iced Coffee Caramel White Russian
  • 1 1/2 cups crushed ice
  • 1 cup coffee, room temperature
  • 1/8 cup skim milk
  • 1 ounce vodka
  • 2 ounces Kahlua liquor
  • 1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla or vanilla extract
  • 1 heaping tablespoon caramel topping
Combine all ingredients in a large glass or jar and stir until combined.  Or, puree in a blender for a slushy treat.


  1. Both your treats sound wonderful. I'm sure Jamie enjoyed both of them and found your menu mouth watering. This is my first visit to your site and I've spent some time browsing through your earlier posts. I'm so glad I did that. You've created a lovely spot for your readers to visit and I really enjoyed the time I spent here. I'll definitely be back. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  2. Mary, thank you so much for stopping by! :)

  3. Great treat! Hubby and I were in the Hill City area the weekend after Sturgis - what a great area. We had an amazing time!


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