Thursday, July 28, 2011

Oreo Truffles all Dressed Up... and a Coffee Mishap...

This morning I presented my coworker with a beautiful box of truffles in three flavors (more coming on that...) for her birthday party.  And our break room was finally stocked with some stronger coffee which makes me happy - there is always a surplus of the light roast, and I have to make them at least double strength to have a decent cup of coffee.  But right now I'm resenting coffee.  

There seems to be a law of physics or gravity or something that when I wear white, whatever I'm eating or drinking will be attracted to it.  Tuesday, I wore a white dress to work and almost immediately dropped a pen in my lap, leaving an ink stain, although my handy little stain remover pen I keep in my purse did a good job of scrubbing it out.  And today, I wore my favorite white summer skirt, and what do you think happened?  Not ink.  That would have been too easy.  It was a cup of coffee.  An ENTIRE cup of coffee that I spilled all over the stack of papers next to my keyboard and onto my lap.  It was a little too much for my stain remover pen to handle.

As much as I love coffee, I hate how prone I am to spilling it on myself.  Once, I did this twice in one day, although on that day, it only went all over my desk and not on myself.

This happened at 8:00 this morning.  I really dreaded not only the thought of walking around the office all day looking like I'd just climbed out of a dumpster but also the thought that by the time I got home that afternoon, the stain would have set and the skirt would be completely ruined.  I would cry if that happened since I love this skirt so much that I probably wear it three times a week in the summer.  (I started having visions of being forced to dye it black if I couldn't get the stain out... )

Fortunately, I'm able to work from home once in a while, so in order to quickly get the skirt in the wash, I decided to work from home for the rest of the day.  I live 60 miles from where I work, but my parents' house is just about 5 miles from my work;  so I drove to their house first (which I was going to do anyway since I had a box of truffles I made for them and wanted to drop off) and soaked my skirt in some stain remover gel I found in their laundry room.  As soon as I did that, though, I realized that I could no longer wear my skirt since it was covered in blue goo, so I drove the 60 miles back home just wearing my slip, hoping that I didn't get pulled over, or get a flat tire, or something that would force me to get out of my car on the interstate wearing not a whole lot!  But I made it home without humiliation, and it seems that my skirt has recovered from its coffee bath without any permanent damage.

So now that my day is sunny again, I'd love to share with you the flavors I decided on for the Oreo Truffles - I still call them that even though I didn't make them all with Oreos - I suppose they could just be called Cookie Truffles in that case? (Click the link above to see the original post along with the recipe and instructions for making these.)
  • Double Chocolate Oreo Truffles (made with the chocolate cream-filled Oreos and cream cheese)
  • Peanut Butter Truffles (made with Nutter Butters, cream cheese and peanut butter - just substitute about half of the cream cheese with peanut butter instead)
  • Butter Pecan Truffles (made with Pecan Sandies, cream cheese and a dash of vanilla)
I decorated these using a variety of semi-sweet milk chocolate, white chocolate and powdered sugar, topped with chocolate sprinkles, white pearl sprinkles and crushed Heath Toffee bits.

Now, if only the leftover ones sitting in my fridge would stop calling my name...


  1. Spill mishaps, boy do I remember those. Some days when you spill you can hide in your cubicle but the days when you have to go to a meeting it is really inconvenient.
    I am glad that has passed and you posted all these awesome truffles. They look very elegant-yum!

  2. The truffles are beautiful and I bet your friend/coworker was SO happy to receive them! I understand your pain...there isn't a shirt I own that I've not spilled something on. I tend to buy less expensive shirts for myself because they don't's a family curse - everyone in my family is the same way!

  3. So sorry about your skirt but so happy for me that I am the recipient of a lovely box of truffles! I'm so glad you got home without another mishap. Really officer? Step out of the car? Here, have a truffle.

  4. oh wow, those truffles look amazing! now i'm craving mass amounts of chocolate. bad!

  5. You commute 120 miles every day???? Holy cow, that's dedication.

    Amy @ A Little Nosh

  6. Amy,
    I'm not sure it's dedication so much as the fear of not finding another job to pay the bills! I've worked at my job for 7 years, and when I moved to Denver last year, it meant a long commute to and from work. :( Hopefully I won't be doing this forever, though. :)

  7. I know what it is like to spill coffee all over your favorite outfit. I have done it a few times myself. I was amazed at the fact that you wore a slip. Seems like most women never wear a slip or even own one anymore. lol


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