Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Loving Leftovers - Part 1: Tortilla Rollups

Memorial Day was a gorgeous sunny day here in Colorado, so Jamie and I spent the afternoon at Castlewood Canyon.  After a few hours of hiking, we stopped for a snack of grapes, red pears, apricots and tortilla rolls.  On a recent episode of Extra Virgin, Debi and Gabriele had a romantic little picnic in the park with homemade biscotti, among other things they'd made.  I was envisioning our picnic spread out on a blanket, a little relaxing in the sun, some fun pictures...  but there really were no nice grassy areas at Castlewood Canyon, so we had to sit at one of the picnic benches on the trail instead.  One of these weekends, hopefully I'll get my romantic picnic, though!

Tortilla Rollups are one of those items that show up at just about every picnic or potluck, and it may be that they're just so easy to make, or that they're a good way to use up bits of ingredients that aren't much use in anything else.  They're also incredibly versatile, and you can use ingredients in just about any flavor combination you like!

leftover ingredients:
  • whole milk
  • heavy cream
  • fresh dill
  • salmon
  • tuna
  • lunchmeat turkey

To use up the milk and cream (leftover from a failed caramel-making attempt), I made a fresh batch of ricotta cheese, then mixed it with the fresh dill and some chopped shallots.  I then used my creamy ricotta spread in place of the traditional cream cheese usually used in tortilla rollups.

After spreading the ricotta on three tortillas, I made a few different combinations:  a spicy tuna and cucumber roll, a salmon and cucumber roll (tuna and salmon leftover from sushi night), and the third with turkey, maple-smoked cheddar and a dash of pesto.

A quick and tasty snack that doesn't waste leftover ingredients leaves more time for other things like a fun day in the sun!

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