• Do you have any culinary training? - No, just a lot of trial and error in the kitchen and many hours of practice and experimentation.
  • How do you come up with your ideas? - I am always daydreaming of what to cook or bake next.
  • Are the recipes your own? - Almost all the recipes on this blog are Jamie's and my ideas and creations, or family recipes.  Once in a while, I'll blog about a recipe I found online or in a cookbook, and I will always site the source in that case.  Here is an excellent article by David Lebovitz on the subject of recipe attribution.
  • May I recommend your recipes on my blog?  Of course!  Just be sure to include the direct link to the post on my blog.  You may not use my photos without my permission.
  • What kind of camera do you use? - When I started this blog in 2011, I used a Casio EX-FH20, always with the flash off when taking food photos.  I have the most success when I'm able to photograph in natural light during the day; using lighting equipment at night is much trickier.  In July 2013, I began using a DSLR camera, a Nikon D5200, usually with an 18-55mm lens.
  • Have you ever taken any photography classes? - No, I just learn by studying photography that I like and practice taking as many photos as I can.
  • Do you use any photo editing software? - I do some basic editing, such as cropping and adjusting the light balance, color and contrast as needed.
  • I love comments!  Just be as friendly as if you were giving me the feedback in person.  Rude, hateful comments and spam will be deleted.  Comments containing links are automatically marked as spam and deleted.