On this page you will find pricing for my cakes and other baked goods.  If there’s anything you would like that you don’t see listed below, please feel free to ask, and I’ll see what I can do to accommodate you.

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Thank you so much for choosing me to make your special occasion extra special with something delicious, unique and beautiful! 

Questions…send me an e-mail via the "Contact Me" tab! 


These cake prices are for buttercream cakes.  Cakes and cupcakes with fondant cutouts and decorations will be priced higher.


  • To get a quote for a cake, please e-mail
  • Please include the following in your e-mail, to help me plan the perfect cake for your party:
    • Your name, phone # and e-mail
    • The item and flavors/fillings/crusts/toppings, etc, you’re considering
    • The number of people you’d like to serve (specify adults and children)
    • Occasion, Favorite Colors, Favorite Flowers, Favorite Flavors, Age, etc…
    • Food Allergies (I may not be able to accommodate all dietary needs, but we can discuss options – see more info below…)
    • If you have questions or need ideas, I’m happy to help you with those.  You can include a photo of your idea, or let me design a cake for you!

  • The starting prices listed above should give you a general idea of cost, but does not determine pricing 100% of the time, if more expensive ingredients are used (such as chocolate, champagne and vanilla beans), if the ingredients require more time to prepare (such as making homemade salted caramel), and if very intricate and time-consuming decorating techniques are used, such as fondant and gum paste.  These are just a few examples and should not be considered a definitive list.
  • Pricing includes everything from the ingredients, to the use of kitchen equipment and electricity, to the packaging and the time invested.
  • Pricing does not include delivery.
  • Prices are subject to change at any time, but customers will not be charged more than they are quoted at the time the order is placed.
  • Oh, and one more thing… 
    • Yes, these prices are a lot higher than you would pay if you bought a cake at Walmart or your local grocery store (where you may pay about $1 per serving).  But those cakes are mass produced, months in advance, flash frozen and then shipped to the stores, where they are frosted with shortening-based frostings and decorated as quickly, cheaply and generically as possible.  If you can only pay $12-$20 for a cake, then buy one from your grocery store.
    • Several reputable bakeries here in Denver charge no less than $5.00 per serving.
    • So I believe that my average starting rate of $3.00 per serving is very reasonable for the quality you will be getting.  When you buy a cake from me, you’ll be getting a cake that is freshly baked with quality ingredients, frosted with real buttercream, custom-designed and decorated just for you, and that tastes amazing!

Payment and Cancellations:
  • A 50% deposit is required at the time the order is placed, with the remainder paid at the time of pick up/delivery.
  • Orders may be cancelled for a full refund of the deposit, up to 48 hours prior to the event. Cancellations after this time will not be refunded the deposit, as I will have already purchased ingredients and begun making preparations for your order.
  • Method of Payment
    • Cash
    • Checks
    • PayPal
    • Credit Cards
    • Chase Bank Transfer

  • I’m located in Parker, CO (south Denver), so please keep this in mind for your pick up.  I’m unable to ship orders out of town/out of state.

Pick Up or Delivery:
  • Delivery is sometimes available, with a per-mile fee, round-trip added to the total of your order.
  • Tips for Safe Transportation of Cakes: 
    • The absolute BEST place for your cake is on the floor of the front passenger seat in your car.  The floor is flat, and the cake will be very secure here.  This area is also cooler, so that the buttercream doesn’t melt.  Before you pick up your cake, I will have it already well chilled, as well as secured down the center with a wooden dowel if it is more than one tier, both of which will stabilize the cake.
    • In the summer, keep your AC on to keep the cake cool; in the winter, try not to run the heat during the drive home, or the buttercream could become too soft and melt.
    • To keep the cake box from sliding around, it’s a good idea to place a rubber mat under the box, or just place something else on the floor next to the box(such as your purse) to keep it from sliding.
    • Drive slowly and carefully – no sharp turns, no sudden braking, accelerating or swerving. 
    • Never place the cake on the seats in your car.  The seats are angled, and it is highly likely that your cake will fall backwards.
    • In the summer, never place the cake in the trunk of your car, and never stop to run errands on the way home, leaving the cake in the car while you’re in a store.  You’ll come back out to find a melted mess that used to be your cake.
    • It is not a good idea to have someone hold the cake on their lap, as it’s difficult to hold level in a moving vehicle.
    • Follow these tips and your cake will arrive perfectly.  If these instructions are not followed, there are no replacements, repairs or refunds for your cake.

Food Allergies, Other Dietary Options and/or Restrictions:
  • If I need to be aware of any food allergies, please be sure to tell me.  If you order a carrot cake, and I don’t know that someone has a nut allergy, and I add chopped pecans to the cake, then no one is going to be happy.
  • Please be aware, though, that if someone is extremely sensitive to something such as peanuts or wheat that you may need to consider other options.  Even if I don’t add these items to a recipe, I can’t guarantee that the ingredients in my kitchen have never come into contact with them.
  • At this time, I do not offer Dairy Free, Gluten Free or Vegan options.

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