Christmas Tree Napkins

Today, I have a fun and easy little project for you to dress up your holiday table - napkins folded into Christmas trees.  I picked up these plaid cotton napkins at World Market yesterday, but you can stick with solid green napkins for your trees, or play around with the color and pattern...

I have some white and gold polkadot napkins that would look so pretty folded into Christmas trees.  You can also watch the Instructables video tutorial for these, as well, although you can see that I finished mine just a little differently with a deeper tuck on the last step.

And nothing against my usual silverware-tied-up-in-ribbon for holiday place settings, but these will look so festive for Christmas this year.  A single peppermint candy would make the perfect tree trunk, don't you think?


  1. So cute..looks like 5 well photoed also:)

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