Pink and Gold Princess Party Cake

One of my good friends planned and decorated a beautiful princess party for her daughter's fifth birthday last weekend, and she asked me to make the cake and cake pops in a pink and gold theme.  The two tiered cake is frosted in buttercream of the palest pink and white, and decorated with edible gold sugar pearls and little fondant cutouts I brushed with gold luster dust.  The only non-edible piece is the crown topper, and the whole cake is lightly sprinkled with luster dust for a sparkly sheen.

I made coordinating cake pops dipped in pale gold candy coating, and decorated them with sugar pearls, tiny piped buttercream roses and sparkling sugar.  I especially love the gold wired ribbon ringlets tied around the paper straws...

Katie is a fantastic party planner, and she really outdid herself with the beautifully set table, the invitations, the pretty decorations and the crafts for the little girls.  I'm sure all the little princesses at the party had a magical time!


  1. Wow..the only party I remember for me..was Pin The Tail on The Donkey in 1959 or 1960..

    1. I know, right? I never had a party like this either. I think I got a McDonalds sheet cake once and we played on the playground there, and that was about as elaborate as it got.


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