Doughnut Cupcakes

When you know someone who adores doughnuts, and she's eight months pregnant, and it's hot as can be out ...  well, what could be better than a cupcake with a doughnut garnish. to indulge all those late pregnancy cravings.

Yes, you heard that right.  Doughnut Garnish.  As in, cupcakes topped with doughnuts.  Two sweet treats in one.

I brought these to book club on Sunday, and the cupcakes and a gift card were a little surprise for Katie, who's expecting her second baby in just another month.

The idea here is to try to have a little variety, since a box of doughnuts always has so many flavors, icings, fillings and sprinkles, and there's sure to be something everyone likes.  So although all of the cupcakes were chocolate, I topped them with various buttercreams from my freezer - vanilla, chocolate and a lavender-colored blueberry buttercream.  Pretty sprinkles and sparkling sugar.  And mini powdered doughnuts.

If you go to a real doughnut shop, I'm sure they'd have more mini varieties than just the powdered ones I bought at our grocery store.  And if you want to be really, really ambitious, you could even fill the cupcakes with a little jam, lemon curd or custard before frosting them.  Mmmmm.

The doughnut cupcakes were enjoyed by all.  Even the non-pregnant ladies.  Because sometimes, that's just the way you've got to roll at book club.  We even talked about the book a little bit, too...

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