Mimosa Cake

Mimosa Cake, Champagne, Orange Juice, SprinklesFor my first Mother's Day as a mother to our almost-8-month-old baby, my husband planned a special breakfast for me.  I slept in a little while he fed baby boy and then made a breakfast of eggs benedict and mimosas.  It was a lovely way to wake up.

We couldn't manage to finish the champagne, so I jumped on the chance to make a mimosa cake which I've had on my "to bake" list for quite a while.  Besides, we couldn't exactly waste a half bottle of champagne...

Vanilla Bean Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Vanilla Bean Chocolate Chip Ice CreamA spring chill still lingers in the mornings, but it's not too early for making ice cream.  Most days have been warming up beautifully, and after a weekend of yard work, there's nothing like a scoop of cold, creamy homemade ice cream in the afternoon to cool off.

For our first batch of ice cream this year, I made a classic - chocolate chip...

My Studio

Stripey Straws, Birthday Candles, Candy Jars
It's been a while since I've posted anything new in my Curly Girl Home series, and some of you have asked to see my work space, so today, I'm sharing a few photos of where I do all my sewing, painting and photography.

What I call my studio is the front room in our house, and a space that most people would use as a formal living room.  As we have no need or desire to have a formal living room, I use the room for my sewing desk, art supplies, excess baking and craft supplies and photography equipment...

Hello, Spring: Orange Poppyseed Cake with Strawberry Buttercream

Orange Poppyseed Cake with Strawberry Buttercream, Orange and Pink, Spring, Party, Birthday, CandlesHello, Spring.  It's me.

Up until the snow storm last weekend, which had us hunkering down under cozy blankets and eating hot soup for a few days, we've been enjoying some beautiful spring weather.  With temperatures in the 60s and 70s each day, it's been perfect for taking my baby outside to play in the yard, and it's so much fun to watch him discover new things, like the feel of grass (which he tries to eat) between his fingers and under his toes, the lilacs brushing against his nose, the sound of birds and squirrels frolicking in the trees and the breeze blowing through his wispy blond hair.

After the morning chill wears off, we like to spread out my great-grandma's quilt under the shade of the apple tree and just enjoy the breeze and the scents of spring.  He looks so adorable in his little straw hat that one of my aunts gave him.

With all the flowers blooming, the trees budding and the warm days of late, I was inspired to make this cake with buttercream roses climbing up the sides, and it's just such a happy cake, don't you think?

Chocolate Toffee Truffle Cupcakes

Chocolate Toffee Truffle Cupcakes, Ganache Filled, Vanilla Bean Buttercream, Curly Girl KitchenWhen it comes to cake decorating, I far prefer working with tall, elegant layer cakes over cupcakes, but sometimes an idea just seems to work better in cupcake form.  Not to mention, it's good practice to pipe on all that buttercream and try out different techniques with piping tips I rarely use.  Although, admittedly, I still tend to stick with the ones I've mastered.

Easter Bunny Coconut Cake and Decoupaged Eggs

Easter Bunny Coconut CakeOur baby is too little for an Easter basket, but in a year or two, it will be so much fun to start our own Easter traditions with him, with egg hunts in the back yard, decorating Easter eggs, baking a cute bunny cake together, and seeing him wake up to a little basket of treats and toys at the foot of his bed.

For this year's Easter cake, I decided on a more simple and elegant design for a bunny cake, and I just adore how it turned out.  I started by baking my white chocolate coconut pound cake and frosted it with fluffy almond buttercream and toasted coconut...

Banana Coconut Cream Popsicles

Banana Coconut Cream Popsicles
Our apple tree is in full bloom, and every gust of wind sends a sprinkling of white petals over the grass.  I so wish that the tree produced apples; how fun would it be to pick apples in the fall in our own backyard?

After the chill of morning wears off, I take our baby outside to inspect the progress of all our trees and plants, and he wants to touch everything he can reach.  The blooms on the lilac bushes are getting ready to open, and the rhubarb, sage and parsley are poking through the dirt in the small corner garden...